Visual Marketing for Fashion Brands

Visual Marketing for Fashion Brands In an industry like fashion, things are quite subjective when it comes to different tastes and choices of people. It is based on or influenced by many things like colors, lifestyle, occasion, mood, culture, place, history, emotions etc. These different variations in products driven by such intangible attributes make it hard to analyze and predict the nature of this industry.

In addition, when it comes to showcasing and explaining the products to customers, use of visuals becomes inevitable. The similar case is for marketing in this industry. Use of rich visuals in marketing communications does not simply help brands to communicate but also the consumers to connect with brands.

In this post, we will discuss how visual marketing can benefit a fashion retail brand.

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Visual Marketing:

In the simplest words: “Visual marketing is the use of pictures, videos and other visual media to engage with customers and tell them the brand’s story.” And, with visual marketing, brands can create more interactive and personal relationships with customers resulting in increased customer retention and loyalty.

Why Use Visuals:

Why visuals are important. Let’s take a look on below statistics:

  • Visual information is 90% of the total information transmitted to the brain, and our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text information. (Source) - Tweet this
  • 65% more people remember a piece information if a visual is paired with. (Source) - Tweet this
  • Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Source) - Tweet this
  • 71% of marketers plan on increasing visual content in 2016. (Source) - Tweet this
  • 65% senior marketers believe that visual content is the core to how their brand story is communicated. (Source) - Tweet this

For Fashion Retail:

Here are top 9 reasons on how visuals and visual marketing help fashion retail brands and why should fashion brands consider visual marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

1. Explain the Product in One Snapshot

Explaining a fashion product with text is difficult. Imagine explaining the below dress with text (as written on the right side of the image). But using a visual for fashion product does it all in just one snapshot with a clutter-free experience.

Visual Marketing for Fashion Brands

2. Use User-Generated Content (UGC)

Visuals need not always be brand generated. People are sharing pictures and stories on social media of using your fashion products. You can use these plenty of available user generated content in your visual marketing strategy. Many fashion brands are seeing benefits of using UGC in their visual marketing programs. Using UGC brings a social validation to your products. And as these images are generated by real people, it brings authenticity to your products and brand.

Here is our blog on how to use UGC across earned, owned and paid media.

3. Freedom of Choice to Users

When rich visuals of your products are easily available on the internet, users can anytime search and compare the products at their ease of time and peace. They don’t feel the pressure of a brand executive pitching to them.

4. Images Appear in Search Results

Use of visuals gives you better SEO prospects. It helps your products to appear in search results, improving the click rate and revenue. For example, when a user searches for a red maxi dress for women, your product image results will come above your competitors and it’s most likely that the user will click the image, go to your e-commerce store and then buy from you.

Here is an interesting stat:
60% of consumers are more likely to consider a business whose images appear in local search results.(Source)

5. Visuals are Social Media Ready

Your product visuals are social media ready. They can be shared, liked and can be commented upon. People can share these images with their friends to discuss and validate their purchases. After all, social media is the place where people are spending time. So, it’s important to be there always.

6. Rise of Instagram and Pinterest

Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are the places where users are searching for their next purchase inspiration. Managing your visuals across these apps helps you connect with your followers and prospective users.

7. Tell Your Brand Story

You can tell your brand story with visuals. You can create a combination of products that go well together for a specific mood or occasion. Your visuals can also depict the story behind the making of your product, on what occasion and mood they look well. With the right kind of visuals, you can set a tone for your brands like luxury apparel, handmade products, formal wear, party or occasion based dressing. A well-told brand story helps trigger right emotions and thus remembering your brand.

8. Assist and Inspire Purchase Decision

With rich visuals, you can teach your users the best use of your product and how to get best out of your product. For example, if you are selling a stylish dress, you can explain a user on what occasion the dress goes well and what are accessories will look good with the dress. This assistance answers the questions any user may have and also inspire them to buy complementary products. All with one image.

9. Visuals Help in Product Discovery

Product discovery can happen anywhere. It can be in your e-commerce store, social media, any videos, live stories and UGC. And by putting your product visuals across all these fronts, you make sure product discovery is easy and smooth for the users.

Hope you liked this post. Let us know in comments, how you are planning to use visual marketing for your fashion brand.

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