Introducing Artifacia : Visual Discovery Platform

We have rebranded as Artifacia after spending about two years in the market as Snapshopr. The reasoning was very simple. The world is not ready for visual search in its snap-to-buy form yet, and our original name was after our flagship visual search product. In spite of being one of the most advanced in its space, we now believe it was ahead of its time. However, the core tech behind it had enormous potential to simplify search and discovery of products in the direction that we want to pursue going forward.

We were looking for a name that's more generic and doesn't come in the way of building useful products and services in near and far future. Artifacia came to my mind when I was in Chicago and I immediately messaged it to Vivek who was in Bangalore at that time. Everyone in the team loved the new name and they related with the thought process behind rebranding ourselves.

We have always believed in the impact that can be created with artificial intelligence technology. Combined with the belief that human computer interaction is one area that's going to play a major role in making AI products useful for everyday use, I came up with a name that brings this two things together : Arti(ficial intelligence) + Human Computer Inter(face) + swag = Artifacia. Simple, isn't it?

One thing that changes too is our product itself. Artifacia is an enormous improvement over what Snapshopr turned into after a year in the market. We have made it extremely streamlined and extendable at the same time. It's designed around one consistent API that offers a few useful discovery features right off the shelf. And you can build more with a combination of those using our well-documented API with prebuilt integrations across languages and e-commerce platforms. We are calling it Visual Discovery Commerce, and are starting with fashion as a vertical.

Our Mission : To connect people with products with the most effortless discovery experience.

We stand by the same great team that we built while building Snapshopr and the same core Artificial Intelligence technology that we are known for. The overall goal hasn't changed either and our belief in the value that can be derived from visual content remains intact. We are glad we have the kind of technology investors like Amod, Pallav, Sameer, Bragadish and Rahul who have given us time and support to build our bold vision into a reality one step at a time.

We have only progressed as an early stage tech startup based on our learnings and insights that we got by getting our unfinished product out in the market about a year ago. That's what the more experienced people told us is the right way to build what people really need and not what you want to build as technology entrepreneurs. We will continue to build awesome products powered by great technology and bring delightful experiences to the end users.

Artifacia API is currently in beta and we are testing it with initial partners and developer community. Let us know if you want to try it out too.

The Artifacia Team

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