Introducing AI-Powered Search in Artifacia Platform

AI-Powered Search by Artifacia

Since its inception, Artifacia has been working hard to empower visual commerce with AI and help innovative brands understand, curate and publish their owned and user-generated visual content, at scale.

With a mission of reimagining the visual commerce, we are committed to putting AI-powered yet simple to use features in the hands of brands so that they can realize the value of latest AI research in growing their businesses.

Today, we are thrilled to launch the very first AI-powered feature in our platform i.e. Intelligent Instagram Content Search. In this blog, we will discuss this new feature, how it is much more advanced from the current search provided by other platforms and Instagram, and how brands can benefit from it.

Current Instagram Hashtag Search:

Everyone knows hashtags. These are the simple words preceded by a hashtag(#) that you put in the description of your Instagram photos and videos. Like if you share a photo of a cup of tea, you would put the #tea in the description. These hashtags are clickable and make your content more searchable. So, whenever you search a hashtag on Instagram, it will give you a list of all the photos and videos which have the searched hashtag in their description. So, if someone searches #tea, your recently posted photo of that cup of tea would come in the search results. Pretty simple, huh?

Well in the ideal world, things are not that fair. The catch is Instagram does not prevent its users from putting irrelevant hashtags in their posts which mean if you are posting a photo of a cup of tea and you put one more hashtag in its description as #cat, you won't get any warning message. For a user who is posting the cup of tea, it may feel liberating but for a user who searches #cat and gets a photo of a cup of tea in results, it's really frustrating.

And for the brands who take so much time in curating their user-generated content from Instagram, picking up the relevant images against a particular or their own brand hashtag requires a lot of time and effort.

Here comes the Intelligent Instagram Hashtag Search powered by AI

So, what can be the solution? Well, how about we give some intelligence to the existing Instagram search and teach it to distinguish between an image of a cup of tea and an image of a cat. This way, when you search the #cat, you will get a set of images mapped with #cat AND the images having cats. This will automatically discard the unwanted cup of tea from the list.

So, how do we do this?
Yes, you guessed it right. It's artificial intelligence behind. We pass the existing Instagram hashtag search results through our Image understanding technology which knows what is a cat and what is tea and then present this refined search results in our platform.

Here is the side by side comparison of Artifacia's hashtag content search and the search provided by Instagram for the hashtag 'food'.

As you can see clearly, Instagram search provides many images which are not of food while Artifacia platform provides only the filtered Instagram content which is of food.

How brands will benefit?

Easy and Fast Curation of User-Generated Content: Brands are finding newer ways to tell their brand story for which they constantly need better content that relates to their audiences' lives. And images and videos taken by real people about their product convert really well for that case.

Curating these high-converting user-generated images and videos spread across social media becomes a real challenge when you have a plenty of user-generated content and a majority of them are irrelevant and inconsistent with your brand story. This is when Artifacia's AI-powered search can help brands for effective and fast curation of your UGC.

Now, it will be easy for brands to find their user-generated content with generic hashtags for their products even if the users forget to use their branded hashtags.

Analysis of Brand Hashtags:
Now, when you get the most relevant images and videos against a particular hashtag, brands can easily get the real and meaningful content posted with their branded hashtag. These filtered results are all that brands need to analyze how their branded hashtag is performing.

Monitoring of their User-Generated Content:
When brands run their UGC campaigns, monitoring of the content associated with their hashtag becomes really crucial because irrelevant and fake content generated by some pranksters can spoil their brand image on the social media. Artifacia's AI-powered search can help brands for consistent monitoring and timely checks on their branded hashtags.

That's it from our side. Hope you love our new feature. Stay tuned for more AI-powered features from Artifacia.

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