Instagram Stories – Your Ultimate Guide

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Use of internet has increased exponentially in recent years. With things happening with just a click of a button, businesses are nowadays becoming more dependable on technology for establishing their social media presence.

This has led to increasing popularity of social media marketing. Its ultimate goal is to help businesses build a large customer base and increase their visibility in the competitive market. Social Media Marketing can thus play an instrumental role in helping you achieve indefeasible feats. Several such social media marketing tools include facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

How can Instagram Marketing Influence the Businesses?

The rise of smartphones and tablets has further transformed the way businesses run. Gone are the days when a successful digital marketing campaign was limited to paid ads and banners. The trend of engaging the potential customers through social media networks is now on a boom. Instagram marketing has thus emerged as one of the effective social media platforms for businesses due to high user engagement. Many businesses are turning to visual marketing and therefore Instagram marketing has become the right social media marketing strategy for many businesses.

Some Interesting Statistical Figures In Relation to Visual Marketing

You will be surprised to know that per follower rate on Instagram is 20 times higher than Twitter and 58 times greater than that of Facebook.  Someone has rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is the sole reason why Instagram stories are preferred for brand marketing. Customers savor the beautiful pictures of the products and services businesses have to offer, and this leads to easy conversions and increasing sales.

How can Instagram Stories Help Your Business?

When it comes to building an innovative Instagram story, you need to move a step beyond regular posting of pictures and videos. After all, the main aim is to lower down bounce back rates and build loyal customers for your business.  Researching well about what your customers might like can give you a lead while competing with others in Instagram marketing. Several other tips include using the right hashtags, tagging your location, creating interesting videos, adding location to target your audience and customizing by adding relevant text. Instagram stories can prove to be a great way to promote your brand and generate leads.

With Instagram marketing, you get an opportunity to know what your customers are seeking. Also, features like hashtags make it easy for the users to discover the posts without any hassles.  Also, strategic use of hashtags can help businesses to increase their visibility among Instagram followers.  Undoubtedly, interweaving interesting Instagram stories can turn out to be the most profitable way to building a brand.

Thinking out of the box is what can make your business stand out in the crowd. Creating creative and fun stories can not only attract tons of customers to engage with your products or services but can also impact your sales graph tremendously. Also, with exquisite tools available, you can create your customized stories in no time. Instagram stories can tempt the customers to generate leads for your products.

Why is Instagram Preferred When it Comes to Creating Stories?

With its simplified interface, businesses can exploit its wonderful features to create the best of Instagram stories. Hence, managing an efficient marketing campaign becomes easy with Instagram Stories. Also, this app is simply designed for intimate sharing rather than viral broadcast and thus is safe from fake news. This further adds to the wonderful user experience as they can be assured of the authenticity of the posted content. This feature of emphasizing visuals and de-emphasizing text has proved to be one of the most wanted features. Therefore, you can directly market your brand with simple interactive pictures and videos. Apart from that, it also has this exquisite feature wherein you can share versatile photos and 15-second videos without any hassles.

You also have a multitude of options to add effects like boomerang, rewind, super zoom, stop motion, etc to keep it interesting for your users. Also, you have a great choice of uploading by turning on the flash, uploading from the camera roll and using such filters according to your requirements. You can also keep your users engaged by further adding a poll to ask them interesting questions.

How to Effectively Create Instagram Stories for Businesses?


  • Highlight Feature to your rescue.


There are many exquisite Instagram story features which can help you create meaningful stories for your audience. One such feature is Instagram Highlight Feature which allows the businesses to combine many Instagram stories simultaneously. It is immensely useful as an audience can discover these stories as per their own convenience. You can customize this highlight features according to your choice. You have the flexibility of editing the highlighted name, adding an attractive picture to it or removing it whenever you feel like. With the help of clickable links in the stories, you can simply direct the traffic to your website by exploiting the highlights feature in the best possible manner. It can be used to promote courses, products, services, etc.


  • Promote your Brand by Providing Special Offers and Deals.


Unique features of Instagram stories can be exploited to its fullest to create exclusive offers for your target audience. You can do this in multiple ways to create a sense of urgency in the customers. As Instagram stories are visible for just 24 hours, you can use this opportunity to increase your sales leads. Bridging up the chasm between potential customers and loyal customers can bring you one step closer to your business goals. There, you can choose to post a “coupon” as your Instagram story and direct the users to the landing page where they can redeem that coupon. Customers are likely to pay more attention to your offers with such time constraints of 24 hour story period. Also, Direct Message feature can help your customers to directly claim your offers. One such tactic could be to ask the users to reply to your Instagram stories to be able to enjoy your limited period offer. This can help the customers to engage with your business on a personal level. Hence, this feature can give you an opportunity to grow your brand exponentially.


  • Use Creativity to Build your Brand Awareness.


What can make your business stand out in the crowd will be your level of engagement with your customers? How about giving them a glimpse of how you work every now and then? Well, all you need to do is share your work with them so that they know what all you specialize in. You can share exclusive videos sharing behind the scenes of your business to increase your credibility among your loyal customers. This can be done with the help of high-quality product video shoots or by showcasing pictures of your unannounced services or products. Apart from that, you can share fun listicles, interesting Q&A sessions to make things more interactive.

Amazing Tools which can Help you Create Instagram Stories for Business


  • Easil’s Instagram Story Templates


Easil offers a wide range of Instagram Story Templates which can help you create branded and episodic content without any hassles. Its template types can be used to create quotes, showcase a product or service, make live announcements, etc.


  • Stereo


This mobile app can create videos which can be effectively used for visual storytelling. You can upload the image from camera roll and edit it for building Instagram stories. Also, with this app, you can capture the video directly. You can also cut the video to an ideal length of 15 seconds.


  • InShot App


This app allows you to convert any size video to Instagram story size. You also have an alternative to changing your original video to any size you want to. Apart from that, you can easily capture images or videos with the app itself. With its comprehensive menu of options, you can easily edit the video according to your own accord.

What should be the Frequency of Posting Instagram Stories for Businesses?

There are a variety of factors which determine your posting strategical moves for Instagram Stories. It is difficult to determine the best frequency as that would depend more on the products or services you specialize in and your followers. Figure out whether high engagement frequency is really required for your services and products or not. Also, you need to be know how often your customers yearn to hear from you. If they are actually engaging with your posts on regular basis, then you definitely need to post often to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Tips and Tricks for Building Excellent Instagram Stories for Businesses


  • A short, crisp and brief How-to video can help you in a great way.
  • Choosing trendy topics to engage your audience.
  • Interesting poll questions to grab the attention of the users.
  • Using hashtags and location tags to promote your stories.
  • A precise, sharp and focused call to action can drive the right customers.


Hence, in a nutshell, you simply need to focus on being relatable and genuine when it comes to building beautiful Instagram stories. Just work according to the tastes of your customers to get the best of results from Instagram story feature.