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Hello Everyone, we conducted our first hackathon on Sep 18, 2016. It was a 12-hour long hackathon and the theme of the event is to build apps of the future.

There were total 4 teams who hacked in the final round of the hackathon. All these hacks were built on the top of Artifacia API. Here are the hacks from Artifacia AI Hack:

Team CodeDunkers built a travel package recommendations engine with the power of AI. In this app first, you can search the travel destinations with generic names like sea beaches, mountains, rivers or the intent of travel to these places like adventure, honeymoon etc. Then you can discover your next perfect location browsing through the visually similar travel locations.

Certainly, a different and unique use of our API. We loved it.

Team Semicolon built a personalized recommendations app. It gives you fashion recommendations based on the fashion products your friends are liking or disliking. The app considers your facebook friend list.This way, you will be getting the product recommendations based your social circle.

We loved their idea of using social friend circle to enhance the personalized recommendations feature.

Team AIAI worked on a facebook messenger bot who gives you personalized visual fashion recommendations based on your interaction history.

Chatbots are hot and we loved how team AIAI integrated our API in a chatbot.

Team Mystic made a personalized gift selector. It tracks the user interaction history of a user and based on this user interaction history, it can recommend the perfect gift for the user to his/her friends. It solves the confusion you get when you are looking for the perfect gift for your dear friends.

This hack solves the real pain while gifting to someone and says happy gifting.

We are so excited they could build these cool stuff on top of our API and wish them best while they keep building the stuff which was unthought to us when we built Artifacia API.

And, the winner for Artifacia AI Hack is Team CodeDunkers

How to select the best value pizza in the town, how to reach out to the developers and how to address the API queries. Oh, we learned a lot from our maiden hackathon. The best thing was the constructive feedback for our API and product.

We loved all the incredible hackers and the energy they brought to the event. Huge thanks to all hackers who spent their entire Sunday with us.

You can see some event photographs here.

With all the fun we had, we can’t wait to conduct the next hackathons session. Please stay tuned to our Twitter handle and Facebook page for updates on the next one.

alt Team #ArtifaciaHack

Here is the event video:

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