How To Create Instagram Ads That Work For Ecommerce

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If you are a small business and want to reach more customers while not spending too much amount on marketing, what should be your marketing strategy? How do you market your product to a generation who doesn’t read newspapers or magazines? Millions of potential customers who don’t watch television(much)? Placing an advertisement in their science textbooks is too far-fetched. Truth be told, that is not going to help you (much) either.

Marketing on social networks is the best way to reach your audience in current times. With 4 times more engagement level than Facebook, Instagram is one of the best online platforms to market your product. Instagram marketing is all about reaching the target audience with shoppable content. The platform now has 500 million daily users, who spend an average 30+ minutes daily on the app. Since most of the feed is user-generated content, which is abundant with the current trends, Instagram, ostensibly just a photo sharing app, is now a trend-setter too.

Visual marketing is clearly the way to best engage your audience. 30% users of Instagram purchase product on their mobile devices. The total number of Instagram users and the percentage of users who use Instagram for shopping is only going to increase. Most brands have already recognized this truth and this is the reason behind the ever increasing shoppable content on the platform. Millennials use Instagram to lock their shopping choices. A proper plan to reach the target audience on the platform ensures better conversion rate.

So what makes a good Instagram advertisement? In this post, we discuss a few things you need to keep in mind while creating Instagram marketing plans.

1)  Starting With Advertisements For Instagrams

Once you are done creating a business profile on Instagram, this requires a Facebook page, you can then customize the options to reach your target audience. Ads can be run in four formats, photo, video, carousels, and stories. Carousel ads are like multi-page print ads, just more awesome. It’s a layered advertisement technique where the user has to swipe for the next page(photo). Make sure you make an offer on each page that the user cannot refuse and he keeps swiping.

Once the content is final, you need to zero-in on your budget and decide how long will your advertisement keep running. And just like that, your ad will be gone live.

2) Advertisement Content And Objectives

Like any good advertisement, a good Instagram ad does the following:

  1. a) Create awareness about your project in the market
  2. b) Reach out to the target audience and get them interested in shoppable content
  3. c) Make a compelling case for your product such that the customer wants to own it.

Instagram provides with stats to measure how is the ad working on the above parameters, website clicks, video views, mobile app install, website conversions, so it’s on to you to measure the success of your campaign and change the content if it is not going as per the plan. Instagram marketing also provides you with the option of testing your content before paying for the advertisement first. Make a post and see how it’s working on your social network before you go for a wider audience.

3) Make It Organic

One of the most appreciated features of Instagram is the relevant feed. The feed keeps the users engaged because it has relatively less number of ads and more user-generated content from the user’s friends. So make sure your content blends in. If it is something that can be spotted as an advertisement from a mile, it has a very high probability of getting ignored. At the same time, make it visually rich and interesting.

Visual marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness, a well designed and targeted ad makes the users remember about your brand (or product), and helps in getting more conversion. This kind of strategy is especially applicable for online buyers who are hooked to e-commerce shopping and yet are looking for something brand new.

4) Engage Your Audience

Any post you make on Instagram will reach all your followers without you having to pay for it. So keep posting good content to engage your followers, and to gain new followers. When you want to post ads, a larger number of followers makes for a larger test-audience too. Remember the “Dollar Shave Club” guys, all they did was make an insanely great ad, uploaded it on youtube, and it reached millions on its own.

5) Get The Footfalls

If you make a great ad for a $200 jeans, it is still a $200 jeans which not everyone will buy, however much they loved the ad. Get the audience to know you and your products better. Target the audience who is likely to purchase your product, and show the relevant products to them. This might mean running different ads for different users to get more conversion, which is way better than running the same paid-ad for all the users and getting no conversion.

6) Make It Hasslefree

Instagram now allows to include clickable content in the ads, and make sure that if anyone is interested to browse your catalog, he can. But if someone wants to buy the product, don’t lead him to more choices and confuse him, you are not doing a favor to him or to yourself. Well placed “Browse”  and ”Shop Now” links are a customer’s best friends, and yours too. Let the mutual friends do their job of acquainting you and the customer properly.

The changing consumer behavior, although a challenge, is also an opportunity to connect easily with the demographics you want to connect with. Unlike the television/radio age, where one advertisement was meant for the entire audience, we now have ways to tailor the content for the particular audience, even of spending time and money only to reach the audience we want to reach.

Instagram marketing is a great way to connect consumers with the e-commerce brands. Use it well and keep the above tips in mind when creating your next visual marketing campaign. It would help you go a long way into creating an addictive e-commerce shopping experience.