Introducing Automatic Object Detection for Seamless Visual Discovery

We at Artifacia build product discovery solutions for brands and retailers. Product discovery is not a new problem but the approach we have taken so far to solve the problem is new. We call it a visual first approach to product discovery where we use our proprietary image recognition technology to understand the visual aspects of images and then combine it with other signals such as user interaction data and trends to give a superior product discovery experience to the end users.

A few months ago we found a need for a technology which could accurately identify not the just the objects in images but also their locations for the kind of experiences we wanted to build. It's basically an object detection problem. Compared to image recognition tasks, unfortunately, the progress on this task by the global AI research community hasn't been as impressive. A majority of detection models are not as good in the real world in terms of accuracy and speed. Our machine learning team led by Vivek was asked to come up with a practical industry-grade solution to this problem.

The team was working on this problem for the last few months and recently came up with a fast and accurate system that could be deployed for our product discovery solutions. We built a deep learning-based detection system almost from scratch considering the kind of data that we deal with at Artifacia. The system works well for categories such as dresses, tops and skirts for now and we are planning to extend it other categories going forward. This was really an exciting and tiring problem to work on for our algorithms team!

Today, we are officially introducing the world’s first In-Image Commerce API. This API was built with lots of technological and design considerations in mind. This API is a combination of state-of-the-art detection and recommendation system. The commerce part here means we want to enable the next-generation visual commerce experiences for brands and retailers using this new Artifacia API.

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A graphical illustration of the feature in action

We are pretty excited about the possibilities of revolutionalizing the visual commerce and marketing space with our new tools powered by our In-Image Commerce API. We are going to roll out this new feature to our customers over the next few months.