Artifacia AI Hackathon : Build Apps of the Future Now

We are happy to announce our first Artificial Intelligence Hackathon tentatively on 18th September 2016. We are inviting all the AI enthusiasts in and around Bangalore to try out our API and build amazing stuff on top of it.

To help you get started with thinking what you can build with our API, here are some of our suggestions - just remember to be unique and have FUN:

  • Build a futuristic fashion shopping app with contextual and personalised visual search and discovery features
  • Reimagine AdTech with In-Image Advertising
  • Disrupt marketing with UGC by analysing visual content across the social web
  • Build a visual bot that can see

The size of the team can vary from 1-3 and we can accommodate maximum 30 people for this hackathon at Artifacia HQ. We have awesome prizes for the top three hacks that come out of this hackathon.

Registrations are open till 10th September. You can register for the hackathon here.

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