5 Reasons You Should Monitor Your Hashtags

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You might have heard about Hashtag monitoring but have you ever wondered why you should use hashtag monitoring for your brand and how it can help you make better business and marketing strategies. It’s hard to believe that something as small and simple as # can create a huge impact on your social media strategy. Yes, the right combination of carefully selected hashtags with your brand content on social media can expand your brand’s reach to a greater extent. This is the reason why smart marketing managers spend a lot of time in creating a social media strategy which clearly defines the brand, contest and campaign hashtags for their brand; and then drive most of their marketing efforts around them. Now, when these small hashtags play such an important part in the brand marketing strategy, it becomes more crucial to monitor them for making data-driven decisions. Here are some of the actionable insights you can get from hashtag monitoring:

  • How many posts are shared with your hashtag?
  • How many users are using your hashtag on social media?
  • How popular is your hashtag?
  • Which are the days and weeks where your hashtag performed well?
  • What are the general sentiments around your hashtag on social media?

I think these are pretty useful insights for any brand to measure its social media ROI.

In this blog, I am going to discuss top 5 reasons why you should always monitor your hashtags.

1. Track the performance of your hashtag

Every brand decides upon a purpose behind its social media efforts. It can be to drive traffic to the website, spreading awareness around their product or asking their users to generate user-generated content on social media. Generally, big brands create different hashtags for their different business purposes. But how do you measure if your hashtag is fulfilling its original purpose or not? This is where the need of monitoring your hashtag arises. It’s strongly advisable that before starting any hashtag campaign, you should set certain goals against certain timelines to achieve. And then with hashtag monitoring, you can easily measure the performance of a hashtag campaign. The performance measurement will tell you:

  • Whether your social media efforts are paying off or not.
  • Are you behind on your goals.
  • What is the outcome of your efforts?
  • Learnings for your next campaign.

Example of Hashtag campaign purpose:

Apple recently opened their Instagram account. See how they are using their hashtag #ShotoniPhone and asking Instagrammers to share their photos and videos which are shot only on iPhone. The selected entries get a chance to feature on Apple’s Instagram feed.

2. Categorize the hashtag data according to campaigns, contests and branded hashtags

With hashtag monitoring, you can categorize and organize your social media efforts according to branded hashtags, different marketing campaigns or any other promotional contests. This way, you can easily compare the performance of these different campaigns. Apart from performance management, you can easily organize your data like:

  • Your social media posts for different hashtags.
  • Your user-generated content for different hashtags.
  • Your target audience segments who used your different hashtags.

3. Categorize the hashtag data according to time and date

When you click on a hashtag on any social media, it gives you a list of all the social media posts tagged with the hashtag till date. There is no organization of these posts and their related data according to a custom date range. This is why you need a hashtag monitoring tools where you can slice and dice the hashtag data to make faster decisions. This will tell you:

  • Which are the specific time periods where your hashtag was most popular?
  • Which are the days when your hashtag performed well?

You can further analyze this data and see if the noticed trend is caused by any of your marketing activity or some external factors. This valuable insight can be very useful for retrospection.

4. See the opportunity to engage/interact with customers

Hashtags are great to initiate, measure and manage your interaction with the customers. Hashtags can create a stronger engagement by connecting your brand with topics that people are interested in. This way, when you monitor your hashtags, you can readily see your owned and user-generated content shared with your hashtags at one place and strike a conversation. Brands can also use their specific hashtags to initiate the conversation with their customers like running a contest, a survey or a social media hashtag chat.

5. Directly add user-generated content to your marketing activities

Brands create a lot of buzz around their products in social media using these hashtags which generate a lot of user-generated content for their brand. And there is no point in wasting this precious user-generated content. Brands can effectively use this content across their earned, paid and owned marketing mediums to their advantage. One of the simplest ways to use UGC content is on your website pages in form of beautiful and customizable gallery.

With Artifacia’s hashtag monitoring tool, you can easily monitor your Instagram hashtags for a specific timeline and then publish the content associated with those hashtags in the form of galleries.