3 Reasons Why Artifacia is a Simple & Refreshing Alternative to Curalate

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Today the world around us always seems to be connected. Courtesy of mobile apps, social media, and other digital mediums. This increase in connectivity and visual content at every nook and corner of the web and mobile site has led to a decrease in the attention span of the average user. There are statistics that prove the same. Research says that the average attention span of a user is eight seconds, down from 12 seconds that was in the year 2000. Your average goldfish has more attention span than users by nine seconds. Shocking right? Well, take a moment to sink that in.

Imagine the challenges that brand marketers have to go through to compete with one another in order to get the user attention while the average attention span is diminishing. Times were simpler when you could just go through a product catalog, ogle at the numerous pages of products on display that quickly caught your attention and in turn transformed you into an interested customer.

Today brands are highly relying on visual content to promote their products online and to capture the user’s attention. Yet they still fail at reducing the gap between online browsing and actual conversion. Most of the times the end user is overwhelmed by the abundance of branded content on display. This, in turn, makes actual purchasing more difficult than ever. Marketers often find it hard to curate and monetize visual content such as customer photos and videos at scale.

Introducing Artificia – a modern visual commerce platform where we connect discovery to commerce. We help brands find and activate customer photos and videos from social media, and create delightful commerce experiences for their customers across their marketing channels.

Why Artificia?

Today brands across the globe have started paying heed to the importance of authenticity in the visual content that is shown online and the final product that gets delivered to the consumer’s doorstep. This is the very reason why there is so much focus on User Generated Content (UGC) as it features authentic content at the point of sale and helps drive purchase decisions and increase conversion.

Visitors through UGC contribute 93% more time on website, 48% more page views, 57% increase in AOV (Average Order Value) and a massive 300% increase in conversion rate on site.

With the help of Artificia, brands can bridge the gap in the e-commerce experience by monetizing their User Generated Content (UGC), drive better engagement and deliver improved customer experience to their users.

Three Reasons Why Artificia is a Great Alternative to Curalate

1) Product Simplicity: Artificia is a simpler and faster product build from the ground up on top of our core AI technology that helps us understand photos and videos using algorithms. Our smart search and filtering features help marketers to search for relevant photos and videos from social media and then activate them with products from their own inventory using our AI-based product recognition technology. We do the hard work while you can focus more on thinking about new ways to delight your customers with interactive shoppable content.

2) Affordable Pricing: We have affordable pricing for brands of different sizes for a modern AI-based visual commerce platform which introduces smart automation features for tagging and searching content. We promise you that there’s no hidden charges or unexpected changes in the contract. In addition to this, we offer a free trial that is intended to give you a feel for using Artifacia before subscribing and the best part is that your free trial starts as soon as you sign up.

3) Zero Complications: The sole purpose of ours is to put your products in front of your customers and reduce the turnaround time from posting a product photo to generating sales for the product. No lengthy integration process and complicated contracts throughout the experience. That’s for sure!

Win Your Customers Today 

Join the fastest way to turn your social media content into engaging shoppable galleries for your ecommerce store and reduce the friction between content and its products. With the power of Artifacia’s AI technology, you can instantly use shoppable UGC galleries across various customer touch points such as webpage, mail, product page galleries etc. Thus engaging new users, converting more customers, and increasing discovery through social media.